Family Constellations

Family Constellations Workshops

Book a session because you want to bring peace and harmony in your personal and family life!

There are countless hidden connections that tie several generations of family members. And there are some universal principles that govern all these connections. Violation of these principles creates disorder, entanglements, and negative dynamics in a family system. These hidden dynamics reveal themselves through different problems in life (such as illness, toxic relationships, problems with children, losses, and so on). To know and understand what is going on in your family system is vital for your well-being.

Book your session because:

  • - you want to know why the problem has appeared in your life, and
  • - you want to find a solution to your problem

During our session, we will examine the issue which you are seeking to clarify and solve. We will identify major dynamics in your family system that hold you back and affect your well-being.

Then, we will collaborate together in the revelation of the family hidden resources that may bring you strength, open up new images for different possibilities, and allow change to happen.

Within this session you may:

  • - Find an environment of compassion and non-judgment
  • - Identify hidden dynamics in your family system
  • - Bring light to the root of your issues
  • - Discover a fresh perspective on your problem
  • - Reconcile with yourself and/or your family members

Make a shift towards balance and harmony

Online Family Constellations

We offer a new way to arrange family constellations session via Zoom video conference. It is an effective alternative way to get help if traveling to an appointment or workshop is troublesome.

The experience of working online is very similar to working in-person.

For the session, you will need a quiet space with no distractions. You also will need a computer and reliable internet access.

What to expect from an online session?

In the beginning of the session, you will be asked about the issue. It should be a very clear request. Try to use as little words as possible. If it is necessary, Viktoria may ask you additional questions related to the situation.

While you are sharing your issue, Viktoria will tune into your energetic family field and get clarity on the problem. Our focus is on feelings. They will be a beacon that shows us a way towards a resolution.

Viktoria Pierce has been trained for many years to work with the systemic energy field. She holds the space without judgement and the intention is for you to reveal emotional blocks and system dynamics that affect your life today.

The next step is to find a source of strength and dignity. In this part of the session, Viktoria may inform you about the systemic laws that were violated in your family system that led to the problem. She will gently lead you into the process of reconciliation and transformation that will allow you to find a stable emotional center, and the way to life-changing possibilities.

The session may be emotional because it works on a deep soulful level.

Book a session by filling in the form below. Viktoria reply as soon as possible. The fee per session is $120.00 and can be paid through PayPal. We prefer to have at least 48-hours notice and we require payment in advance to schedule your session. A session lasts 60 - 90 minutes. Sessions are available in English or Russian.

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Please note: My sessions are not intended to replace medical treatment. Always consult with a physician for proper medical treatment.



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Payment and cancellation policies:

Payment or deposit is due before the session. Cancellations made 48 hours before session will be refunded less a $50 administration fee.

Please note: My sessions are not intended to replace medical treatment. Always consult a physician for proper medical treatment.