Business Constellations

My experience also includes work with business problems. Utilizing the Bert Hellinger approach, Business Constellations explore and provide a new way of working towards business effectiveness when the source of the issue is not clear, where previous attempts to change have not endured and/or where there is a sense of 'stuckness' at the individual, team and/or organizational level.

We evaluate the parts of a business system in relation to the whole system, investigate roots of conflicts/dysfunctions, unfold possible solutions, and develop skills needed to have an effectively functioning system.

Order Business Constellations workshop because you need assistance with:

  1. Finding the missing connecting link if there is not enough data available or there is not any opportunity to experiment due to time, financial, and other limitations for making an important choice/decision
  2. Conciliation and conflict resolution
  3. Restoring a balance before or after structural changes in the company
  4. Finding solutions in fateful events in the firm/business
  5. Discovering and overcoming obstacles to business growth

Achieve profound results with our 1-3 day experiential workshops - in your very own office.

*Request for Business Constellations workshop must be approved by a Business owner or TOP-manager.

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