Viktoria Pierce

My Personal Spiritual Journey and Family Constellations work

Prior to being introduced to Family Constellations in Ukraine, my spiritual journey included years of spiritual and energy studies, including a course of study with the Larisa Kushka’s school of bio-energy (Ukraine), as well as travels into India. My journey with Family Constellations began with my own life issues and desire for healing. I was so profoundly touched by the healing effects which the work had on my own life that I felt immediately called to pursue it.

I learned theory from studying many of Hellinger’s books, and in three years, with my family's love and support, I was able to enroll in several sessions with the Hellinger®lebenschule (Germany). This was the beginning of a journey of training and enlightenment which has seen me traveling back and forth to Germany to achieve an optimum level of education and experience in this modality.

It has been a fabulous and rewarding process, and I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn from the source themselves, Bert and Sophie Hellinger. Family Constellations encompasses elements essential to wellbeing, which include mental, emotional, spiritual as well as physical aspects of our lives in a beautifully simple process. And now, after hundreds hours of training under the tutelage of the teachers of the Hellinger®lebenschule (Bert and Sophie Hellinger, Wolfgang Deußer, Gerhard Walper, Joël Weser, Angelica Olvera), I am happy to share it with people.

I work with organizations and individuals in North America and Europe. My goal is to gently and respectfully assist others who choose to explore driving forces and obstacles that distort their life; who would like to release the entanglements, restrictions and struggles that encumber them, that they may recover their health and strength, self-esteem and love, business growth and creative inspiration.

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