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Using the Family Constellations approach developed by Bert Hellinger, tensions and conflicts within the family or any other system can be revealed.

Family Constellations demonstrate that love, when blind and narrow, can lead to disorder and/or illness, but when it is insightful, can also lead to solutions. Discover how Family Constellations will best meet your needs, and transform your life.

Workshops details

Workshops details

In each Workshop a participant can choose to explore a personal issue. The facilitator leads participants through the Family Constellation process of discovering and releasing systemic entanglements. All participants benefit from the work by simply observing or being representatives in the Constellations.

Participants are welcomed to express their desire to explore some personal situation that has their attention. We then set up the client’s issue, asking volunteers (workshop participants) to represent relevant people or elements. What follows in this constellation process remains free of any intention, any expectation or fear.

Family Constellations is a phenomenological process that creates an energy field of its own. This field resonates with other energy fields, such as the energy field of the real family. Sensitive to the family field, and without any intention, the participants are able to experience all variety of feelings and emotions of those they represent. Allowing themselves to be moved by invisible forces, representatives moves/shift positions, following hidden dynamics. As a result, a meaningful picture emerges, a very reality has become visible, and a solution appears.

A resolution is achieved when a Constellation reaches a point where the client as well as the whole system gains strength and vitality, and begin to relax.

The role of constellator

Workshops details

The role of facilitator is to set up a constellations; to remain neutral throughout; to observe the unfolding dynamics, and intervene when appropriate.

Personal Commitment

Even though there is no need for deep personal disclosure, it is expected that all workshop participants commit to a code of confidentiality regarding personal details and issues of other workshop participants. Participants agree to leave the confidential contents of constellations in the room where they were shared.

Family Constellations work is designed as an educational venue only. It is not therapy and does not replace medical or psychiatric treatment.

When signing up for the Family Constellation workshop, the participant declares that he/she is informed and clearly understands that participation in constellations may cause emotional and spiritual stress; the participant admits that he/she is physically and psychologically able to participate in the workshop.

Participants are expected and encouraged to take care by excusing themselves if they feel uncomfortable. Participants are free to come with their doctor/therapist if they need to.

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