Answering your questions

Even if the phenomenology of Family Constellations is hard, if not impossible to describe in words, and it must be experienced, I would like to offer you some general information about Family constellations workshop that is good to know.

What is Family and Systemic Constellations?

Who are workshops for?

If you’re seeking clarity on the complex challenges of life and the hidden dynamics that influence it, you’re welcome, whether or not you feel you have a pressing issue.

These workshops are suitable for anyone who is open to inner change and interested in personal and family healing; for those who long to work through deeply rooted family issues.

No previous experience of this way of working is needed.

How do Family Constellations work?

What’s in it for me?

Family constellations reveal hidden entanglements between a person's family members.There is a range of different issues that participants in Family Constellations can find assistance with, including but not limited to:

  • Relationship issues between partners
  • Divorce and separation
  • Inheritance
  • Family businesses
  • Conflict
  • Relationship issues between parents and children
  • Child’s inappropriate behavior
  • Adoption
  • Miscarriage, and abortion
  • Painful emotional and behavioral patterns
  • Addictions
  • Loneliness, anxiety and depression
  • Incest, rape, violence, murder
  • Death, suicide, grief
  • Difficult fate, karma
How do Family Constellations work?

Will I have an opportunity to get a personal experience?

The workshop provides a space for all participants to work.

You may request a constellation of your current situation and/or serve others as a representative.

Either way, being part of Family Constellation process touches everyone in a deep and healing way.

How do Family Constellations work?

What about confidentiality?

There is no need in personal disclosure. Family Constellations free us from the ’story’ about an issue. It gets us in contact with something much deeper.

The workshops are often profound and touching and I work with the group to ensure that an appropriate level of confidentiality is established (it is expected that all workshop participants commit to a code of confidentiality regarding personal details and issues of other workshop participants).