Bert and Sophie Hellinger

BERT and SOPHIE Hellinger

Bert Hellinger was born in Germany in 1925 and lived the ravages of World War II in Europe. The movement of spirit led him toward the monastic formation where in the Zulu communities in South Africa, he cultivated a phenomenological approach and in depth insight. Historically, and a product of its history, Bert Hellinger has acknowledged that his work is oriented to the service of life. A student of philosophy, pedagogy and theology, Hellenger is a teacher, researcher and key figure of psychology in recent decades.

Hellinger introduced and globalized the knowledge and practice of a method of great value in the therapeutic task: Family Constellations, which has found worldwide recognition and is used in many different areas of life.

Sophie Hellinger is an extraordinary woman, wife, mother and grandmother. Her versatility, her different manifestations does not make it easy to find the words to describe her. For many decades she has worked helping people. The scope of Sophie Hellinger’s seminars is unique.

Her unique gift of clairvoyance, strengthening by her curiosity and openness, her wealth of knowledge and experience, Sophie Hellinger is sensitive to the mental and physical suffering and problems of interpersonal communication. Thus, she can immediately be trusted to give us a true image that promotes growth and change.

Her knowledge and skill extend from professional career movements to topics on heath, be it psychic or physical, and many other areas of life, as well as passed ones.

Sophie Hellinger passes on her knowledge and skill with great love in the Family Constellation seminars as well as in the Cosmic Power®-seminars.

Bert Hellinger has written more than 100 books. They have been translated into 40 languages. The work of Bert and Sophie Hellinger is documented in numerous video and audio recordings in many languages. Working both individually and together, they are always in the service of the highest governing Force.

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