It’s All About You

Family and Business Constellations contribute to success and good results in all aspects of daily life. Each experience reveals invisible truths within the family or business systems. Sometimes over multiple generations these hidden dynamics continue to influence one's thoughts, behaviors and life circumstances.

What is Family and Systemic Constellations?

What is Family Constellations?

Family Constellations according to Bert Hellinger is neither a craft nor a method. It is a way, a transition to another plane, a different level of consciousness. There all questions find their path and their answers.

A constellation allows participants to see the underlying dynamics of problems and to start exploring them creatively. Thus people's perceptions change. They develop a new understanding of where their problems come from, and of what will help to resolve them.

We believe that everything that happens and has shown itself in a constellation, what is and what will be, is always for the good of the client — even when the client expected a different image from the constellation in the moment.

How do Family Constellations work?

Through Constellations we can

  • Understand dynamics (subconscious, hidden), and how they affect your life
  • Improve relationships with your current family and family of origin
  • Experience relationships that are balanced and satisfying
  • Release old negative life patterns
  • Experience renewed life energy
  • Experience more physical vitality and energy
  • Reconnect with deeper aspects of yourself
  • Reach success in personal and professional life
  • Come to terms with a difficult fate
  • Feel connected and supported
  • Open new possibilities in family and work life

Family Constellation energetically unties the knots that bind us to traumatic family/system events in the past, so we can move toward an unburdened future of renewed potential. It impacts positively individuals, organizations, and communities.