Dear friends,

Thank you for joining us in our workshops. We believe it was beneficial for each of us. We would be very appreciative if you leave your feedback about your participation. Please let us know if you had some special feeling or unique experience that you would like to share with others.

Sally T.


I have had such wonderful experiences as a result of the sessions! I'm noticing that the habit I had of holding on to past hurts is falling away. That I can now feel greater empathy for myself & others and feel the pouring in of more love, freedom and joy. There is more space within me to be my true Self. I have also noticed that simultaneously I have been experiencing spiritual growth, expansion & evolution. My awareness is greater and intuition is stronger, greater and deeper. Most of all, I love that having transformed old, habituated unconscious decisions based in negative emotions, my now conscious choices and decisions bring beneficial results.

Craig P.


I as a Family Constellations Workshop attendee, I have both participated in as well as watched others doing the same in this healing process. My experience as a participant, representing a person I had never met in someone else's constellation, was that I found my body guided to move without conscious thought. The other participants, representing individuals they had never met found themselves doing the same. With each of us allowing spirit to flow through us, guiding our physical actions; we were able to help an individual visually and emotionally see and start to heal, some challenge in their life.

At another workshop where I was merely watching others constellate; I found myself at one point, overcome with a heavy emotional release. And I realized at a deep level, watching someone else's experience was healing of something in my own past.

Marina M.


I had never thought it can work in this way…I could experience my and somebody’s else (I represented a child) feelings at the same time. Amazing! I need more time to absorb this very new information and unusual feelings.

Impressive work…Now I can see my relationship differently. And more important, I know what to do in order to improve it.

Thank you.

Omar A.


I was introduced to Family Constellations with Viktoria Pierce several month ago. I feel the results of this introduction has produced the following: increased self awareness; a better understanding of how and why family members both past and present influence my life.

Tatyana K.


I have gone through Family Constellation once but it's been a memorable experience. It happened at the time when I spent quite a lot of time contemplating about my family relations and basically realizing that I would love to do everything possible to bring these relations to a new level of clarity and understanding among the family members.

Family Constellation was exactly the thing needed to do this. After the session I remember distinctly that I called my Dad and had a long and warm talk with him that I have never had before. Most importantly, I have realized that this lightness was coming from me and that made the conversation so easy and pleasant.