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Healing Life Dynamics with Viktoria Pierce

Healing Adverse Life Dynamics

Book a session because you want to bring peace and harmony in your personal and family life!

There are countless hidden connections that tie several generations of family members. And there are some universal principles that govern all these connections. Violation of these principles creates disorder, entanglements, and negative dynamics in a family system. These hidden dynamics reveal themselves through different problems in life (such as illness, toxic relationships, problems with children, losses, and so on). To know and understand what is going on in your family system is vital for your well-being.

Book your session because:

  • - you want to know why the problem has appeared in your life, and
  • - you want to find a solution to your problem

During our session, we will examine the issue which you are seeking to clarify and solve. We will identify major dynamics in your family system that hold you back and affect your well-being.

Then, we will collaborate together in the revelation of the family hidden resources that may bring you strength, open up new images for different possibilities, and allow change to happen.

Within this session you may:

  • - Find an environment of compassion and non-judgment
  • - Identify hidden dynamics in your family system
  • - Bring light to the root of your issues
  • - Discover a fresh perspective on your problem
  • - Reconcile with yourself and/or your family members

Make a shift towards balance and harmony


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